World Language Week


Language_040115ARoslyn Middle School and Roslyn High School recently celebrated World Language Week with many events and activities. This year’s theme, “Learn a Foreign Language; Gain a New Perspective” was observed with music, art, games, crafts, food and other creative ideas.

World Language Week helps to strengthen the link between foreign language learning and cultural learning, the importance of which has been long established by linguists and anthropologists. The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages concluded that through the study of other languages, students gain a knowledge and understanding of the cultures that use that language. Moreover, students cannot truly master a language until they have also mastered the cultural contexts in which the language is spoken.

The participation, dedication and enthusiasm of the World Language Club at the middle school, the World Language Honor Society at the high school, the PFA’s Multicultural Committees, and the language teachers districtwide, made this year’s celebration the most meaningful one that Roslyn has celebrated.


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