Volunteer Beekeepers Stay Busy

Supervisor Bosworth at the indoor bee observatory at Clark Garden.

There was a definite buzz in the air on Thursday, July 3, when Supervisor Judi Bosworth visited Clark Botanic Garden in Albertson to observe honey collection. She met with Richard and Helen Colgan, the Garden’s two volunteer beekeepers, as they collected honey from several of the five beehives situated among the pine trees. The Colgans harvest honey twice a year and the sweet product is sold in the Clark Botanic Gardens’ gift shop. 

“I am thrilled that the bees are thriving here at Clark Garden,” said Bosworth. “They pollenate our flowers and vegetables and manufacture honey, which we are able to harvest and enjoy. They also serve as a wonderful learning tool for children and adults.”

Richard Cogan and Judi Bosworth hold a piece of a honeycomb at Clark Botanic Garden.
Richard Cogan and Judi Bosworth hold a piece of a honeycomb at Clark Botanic Garden.

The Colgans revived the beehives at Clark Botanic Garden several years ago after the hives had become inactive. In addition to the five hives on the grounds, there is also an educational viewing hive located in the learning center that enables the viewer to see the inner workings of the hive.

Clark Botanic Garden is 100 percent organic and uses exclusively natural nontoxic alternatives to keep the garden pest-free. This natural environment helps the bee population flourish. Many people purchase the local Clark Botanic Garden honey as a holistic remedy for seasonal allergies, making them resistant to the pollen that would typically make them sneeze.

“I am so thankful to the Colgans for their work here at Clark Garden and for reinvigorating our apiaries,” Bosworth said.

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