Village Of Flower Hill Approves New Garbage Carting Contract


At the May 3 Board of Trustees meeting, Mayor Brian Herrington and the Board of Trustees unanimously approved a new five year garbage contract in response to the Villages Request for Proposal (RFP) for sanitation and recycling services.


Flower Hill’s three year contract with their current garbage carter was set to expire, and under the New York State General Municipal Law whereby any services contract with a municipality in excess of $30,000 must be put out to public bid, the Village was required to accept the lowest responsible bid. The lowest responsible bid received was from Dejana Industries, saving Flower Hill taxpayers $900,000 over the term of the contract compared to the next bidder Meadow Carting. With an increasing amount of garbage being moved off of Long Island and softening in the recycling market expenses continue to rise.

“I am proud to announce the awarding of the contract to Dejana Industries that saves the Village money while retaining the same level of service,” Mayor Herrington said. “I want to thank Meadow Carting’s Staff for their dedicated service to our residents, they will be missed. DeJana has committed that residents will continue to see the same level of service with some enhancements. State law and the way the bids came in did not give us a lot of room to negotiate. We did our due diligence and I think this is the best outcome for our residents from a financial and a service perspective.”

Trash and recycling will continue to be rear door service, on the same three days a week they currently have. Dejana’s trucks will have conspicuous separate containers on the front and sides of their vehicles for paper and plastic recycling, so there will be no mixing of regular garbage and recycling as had occurred at times in the past. Dejana’s service yard is located nearby in Port Washington, which will allow them to be available to us in a timely manner.

DeJana has also committed to help support educating residents on recycling and other garbage pick up requirements. The Village of Flower Hill follows all garbage and recycling regulations promulgated by the Town of North Hempstead and New York State. Residents can see the Village or the Town of North Hempstead’s website for full details on acceptable recycling.

DeJana will take over pick up on June 1, but until then Meadow Carting will continue to service residents. Residents are encouraged to contact Village Hall with questions or concerns.

—Submitted by the Village of Flower Hill


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