Valentine’s Day Reunion


st-francis-aOne is in her 20s, the other in her 90s, yet they have one thing in common: both are lucky to be alive thanks to doctors at St. Francis Hospital, the Heart Center. It was all hearts and flowers this Valentine’s Day at the hospital when two women were reunited with the doctors who mended their broken hearts.

The dynamic duo brought their favorite MDs tokens of their heartfelt appreciation.

Jessica Arnone, a 23-year-old fashion account executive from Merrick, suffered a nearly fatal case of the flu that triggered myocarditis, an inflammation that can cause rapid heart failure. But thanks to George Petrossian, MD, director of Interventional Cardiac Procedures, Jessica was saved after he put a needle in her chest to drain the fluid. She revived without suffering any heart damage.

Bernice Ulanoff, a 91-year-old Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) patient from Roslyn, looks forward to celebrating her 70th wedding anniversary with her husband Stan, a retired general. The former interior decorator was reunited with Neil R. Bercow, MD, and Matthew Henry, MD, doctors at St. Francis Hospital’s Heart Valve Center along with Dr. Petrossian, its codirector.

“These two women are living testaments to the top-notch cardiac care we provide here at St. Francis,” said Ruth E. Hennessey, EVP and chief administrative office. “As health care providers, we can’t think of a better way to commemorate Valentine’s Day.”

—Submitted by St. Francis

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