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Our East Hills is made up of young and old, new to the neighborhood and those who have enjoyed it for decades. Some have returned to the area to raise their family in a safe environment with a gorgeous park and pool, steady taxes and a quality lifestyle that seems so hard to achieve on Long Island. Our neighborhood, always nice, has truly evolved into a special place 25 miles from midtown Manhattan.

I have been a volunteer and involved to some degree with three mayors and multiple trustees over 33 years. Our local government is a shining example of how an extremely competent team, led by an extraordinary mayor, works well to bring a high quality of life to an area that is populated by an educated and demanding homeowner body. The skills involved to make our village run smoothly, hold the line on taxes, provide excellent services and in general, make life as pleasant as it can be for the population is huge and I feel that many of our neighbors do not realize the work and skillset involved to accomplish this. Our neighborhood is filled with educated and dedicated residents who also get involved and get things accomplished to everyone’s benefit which is terrific.

Two trustees running for re-election, Manny Zuckerman and Clara Pomerantz, have dedicated tremendous personal time and huge efforts to help improve daily life in the village. Their resumes are out there for the public to view.

It isn’t easy to run a village government nor is it easy to keep making things better. I invite all of my neighbors to attend some board meetings and see how well this group involves themselves in residents’ issues and problems. There is a sincere desire to help everyone.

Let me remind our neighbors that our taxes, which provide wonderful snow plowing services, terrific garbage pickup, road repaving, kids events, and our wonderful park, have not gone up for six years. I, for one, am very grateful for that. I love that my garbage is picked up at the back of my house three times a week, that I have not been stuck at my house because of snow, that the village addresses potholes and standing water issues along with my favorite of traffic and safety. I love the concerts, the fact that leaves are cleaned up on Glen Cove Road to make sure our neighborhood looks great.

Election Day is March 15. I will vote for both Manny Zuckerman and Clara Pomerantz for trustees because I know what they have accomplished for all of us. I do not have to make a choice based on promises. I have the facts in front of me. I encourage all my neighbors to support those folks who have supported us and our beautiful East Hills. They have truly earned our vote and if they want the stress and huge time commitment to make my life a little better, then they have earned our vote and our support.

Steven Kafka


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Joe Scotchie is the editor of both The Roslyn News and New Hyde Park Illustrated News. In 2009, he won a New York State Press Association award for a sports feature. Joseph Scotchie’s past publications include biographies of Thomas Wolfe and Richard Weaver and a comprehensive history of the city of Asheville, North Carolina.


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