Tracking Down Cyberspace Law


When it comes to academic achievement, few places in America can rival Roslyn. For years on end, Roslyn High School has consistently been rated as one of the top high schools in the nation.
The latest Roslyn High School alumna to make a mark is Star Kashman, a Brooklyn College Law School student who has recently made a “significant discovery” in cybersecurity law. Kashman got a scholarly paper published in the Washington Journal of Law Technology & Arts, which presents a “novel and new concept” to the legal field.
“My passion for technology and desire to use my education to help others led me to research Cybersecurity Law, where I discovered the lack of knowledge surrounding a widely-used technique called Search Engine Hacking (A/k/a “Google Dorking”),” Cashman told The Roslyn News. “After extensive research, my publication in the journal became the first of its kind to address where Search Engine Hacking fits within the law. I am now working with a group of students at Brooklyn Law School to advocate for policy change regarding this vital topic, making our group the first to advocate for legal reform and knowledge relating to this issue.”
What is search hacking?
“Search engine hacking is a technique of using advanced search queries and operators on search engines to gain access to sensitive information,” Cashman added. “It can be used for both good and bad purposes. Despite its prevalence among the cyber-community, the legal field has lacked awareness of this issue. My research on this topic revealed that search engine hacking can be used to commit various cybercrimes, including identity theft stalking and homicide. Existing laws and regulations related to cybersecurity do not adequately cover search engine hacking, leaving victims without proper legal recourse.”
A native of Great Neck, Cashman moved with her family to Roslyn when she was still in grade school. She attended Harbor Hill and Roslyn Middle School. In high school, Cashman was involved in multiple AP and honors classes and served as the president of the Royal Crown Players, the school’s theater group.
Cashman’s influences on her budding career include various professors at Brooklyn College.
“Ethical hacker Johnny Long inspired me with his dedication to using his expertise for the greater good, and his discoveries and research in Search Engine Hacking,” she added “In Roslyn, Brad Frey, a teacher and member of the school’s theater and chorus programs, provided me with encouragement and the belief that I had something special to offer.”
And that something special looks to continue in the years to come.

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