Town Grants For Community Improvements


Numerous vistas in the Roslyn area have received funding from the Town of North Hempstead’s 2023-2027 five-year Capital Plan, which includes improvements to infrastructure, parks upgrades, and road repaving. The $126,887,733 plan will be funded with a combination of borrowing, grants, and existing cash.
The Roslyn area recipients are: Gerry Pond Park, Roslyn; Roslyn Community Center, Roslyn Heights; Roslyn Heights Park District, Roslyn Heights; Clark Botanic Gardens, Albertson; and Caemmerer Park, Albertson.

Clark Botanic Gardens.

Gerry Park, named for restoration trailblazers Roger and Peggy Gerry, was awarded $53,960 in grant monies.
“This project will address improvements to the main building at Gerry Pond Park that will include but not be limited to the rehabilitation of the roof and water wheel at the main house and the rehabilitation of the Hicks Memorial Centre Bridge located within the park on Paper Mill Road,” town officials said. “Engineering funding in 2023 assumes that all professional services contracts will be completed, and the roof project will be awarded and completed in 2023. 2024 and 2025 are placeholders for the waterwheel and bridge rehabilitation projects.”
The Roslyn Community Center improvements will total $51,426. Existing cash on-hand, town officials said, can be used for engineering services ($36,571.92) and general improvements to the facility ($98,318). In addition, the Town Department of Public Works, along with a consultant, completed a site study to review parking capacity at the facility and a high-level review of the building’s recreation activity/spaces in 2020.The town board also authorized a resolution that will install new bathroom stalls at the facility.
The Roslyn Heights Park District will receive $2,050,000 for pool and park renovation. Clark Botanic Garden’s grant is for $250,000.
The Caemmerer Park grant totals $150,000. Town officials added that “recently completed projects at this park include the installation of a new playground, walkway improvement adjacent to playground and the installation of an indoor water bottle filling station. Planned expenditures in 2023 include the replacement of the perimeter fencing of the park and creation of a pickleball court.”
“This five-year capital plan puts a particular emphasis on bringing forward momentum to a number of long-stalled projects throughout the town,” Town Supervisor Jennifer DeSena said. “I believe that the town should be seeking to not just maintain, but significantly improve our parks and our infrastructure. Thank you to the Town Board for working collaboratively throughout this process, the result of which is a capital plan that will improve town infrastructure for generations to come.”
“North Hempstead’s Capital Plan serves as a blueprint for major infrastructure work that the Town will be pursuing over the next five years,” said Council Member Lurvey. “Formulating the Capital Plan is a comprehensive process, and we are certainly fortunate to have such dedicated commissioners and staff working collaboratively with the Town Board as we strive to improve the quality of life for North Hempstead’s residents.”

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