Top Crime Grades For Local Villages


Neighboring New York City is experiencing another increase in crimes both petty and violent. The Roslyn area is not immune.
Recently, Village of East Hills officials met with Michael Dolan, Deputy Commanding Officer and Deputy Inspector of the Sixth Precinct and Anthony Chieco, Detective Lieutenant of the Nassau County Police Force, to discuss additional means to further protect the Village from crime. The Deputy Commanding Officer agreed to meet with residents at a subsequent meeting which is being scheduled.

Protect your property by locking your doors. (Photo courtesy Unsplash)

Even though East Hills is safe, summertime brings turmoil. Last month, an attempted burglary took place in the village, one where a female victim, 62, returned to her residence on Hummingbird Drive and put her car into the garage. As she entered her home, she was startled by an unknown subject who immediately ran out of the house. No injuries were reported. The subject is described as a male, approximately 5’10”, wearing a mask and dressed in all black clothing.
Village officials said this is also the time of year when residents might forget to lock the doors of their house, their driveways or their cars. Again, vigilance is needed.
That aside, summer is also a good time to look at the overall situation, which is excellent.
According to Crime Grade, East Hills receives an A+ in preventing violent crime and property crime. The village’s “other crime” grade is a solid A. “Other crime includes kidnapping, drug crimes, vandalism, identity theft, and animal cruelty.
“The A+ grade means the rate of crime is much lower than the average US city,” the Crime Grade reported. “East Hills is in the 99th percentile for safety, meaning one percent of cities are safer and 99 percent of cities are more dangerous.”
Breaking down the situation to the village’s neighborhoods, people who live in East Hills generally consider the north part of the city to be the safest.

With newer vehicles using key fobs instead of traditional car keys, leaving a car unlocked or running is easier than ever. (Photo courtesy Unsplash)

“Your chance of being a victim of crime in East Hills may be as high as 1 in 84 in the northeast neighborhoods, or as low as 1 in 263 in the north part of the city,” Crime Grade added. “By a simple count ignoring population, more crimes occur in the northeast parts of East Hills, NY: about 20 per year. The southeast part of East Hills has fewer cases of crime with only one in a typical year.”
An advantage that East Hills has is that the village, as with those in the Roslyn area, is not near a major airport or near certain parks.
“Of East Hills’s 7,097 residents, few live near recreational areas,” the report observed. “Because many people visit, crime rates may appear higher even for safe parks. Ultimately crime happens where people are, whether they live there or not. Before writing off an area as unsafe, look at both the crime rate and total crime maps, then consider nearby destinations that people may be visiting.”
Compared to towns with similar populations across the country, East Hills’ crime rate is lower.
They include Pine City, MN (C-), Tabor City, NC (D-), Darien, GA (D), Filer, ID (B), Midland, NC (B-), Chadron, NE (D-), Dadeville, AL (D+), and Trenton, MO (D). Both Blairstown, NJ and Harrisburg, SD score in the “A” range, as do all the villages in the Roslyn area: Roslyn Heights, Greenvale, Roslyn, Roslyn Harbor, Roslyn Estates, Flower Hill, and Old Westbury.


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