Time Limit Increase On New Meters


SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESThe Roslyn movie theater is always one of the most popular destinations in downtown Roslyn. And that is especially true during the summer months, when local residents can catch a movie and enjoy a stroll in the scenic downtown area. However, the parking issue, which is also a perennial subject, sometimes gets in the way of a relaxing evening. Mayor John Durkin has noticed this and making evenings in downtown Roslyn more relaxing is a major reason why the village is dismantling its single parking meters on Old Northern Boulevard and replacing them with municipal meters.

The new meters, Durkin said, will have a three-hour, rather a two-hour parking limit. That gives residents plenty of time to enjoy the movie and dinner and a walk, without having, for instance, to rush out of the movie theater during a suspenseful scene, just to feed the meter or face a healthy fine.

“It’s easier for everyone,” Durkin told The Roslyn News. “We want to keep up with the new technology.”

The old meters only accepted quarters. The new meters, Durkin added, will accept those coins, but it will also accept credit cards. That, too, is part of the “march of time” that the village wants to keep up with. Durkin said that Department of Public Works (DPW) employees made sure that the walking distance from any automobile to the meters is within legal boundaries. He added that the DPW ordered an appropriate amount of new meters consistent with the parking volume that the village faces.

In addition to the new technology, there is also a matter of aging meters that needed to be replaced. The cost is 25 cents for 15 minutes. The maximum cost is $3.00, while the minimum cost is 5 cents. Village officials hope that the added convenience of an extra hour on the meter will make evenings, no matter what the season, more enjoyable than ever


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Joe Scotchie is the editor of both The Roslyn News and New Hyde Park Illustrated News. In 2009, he won a New York State Press Association award for a sports feature. Joseph Scotchie’s past publications include biographies of Thomas Wolfe and Richard Weaver and a comprehensive history of the city of Asheville, North Carolina.

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