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The outcome of Roslyn, Great Neck village elections

Most village seats remain virtually untouched for many of the villages on the north shore, following the March 16 election. The Village of Roslyn and its surrounding areas elected a total of two incumbent mayors, six incumbent trustees and an incumbent village justice; and several incumbents on the Great Neck Peninsula also won their uncontested races. Check out the results below.

Roslyn Estates
In the Village of Roslyn Estates, Mayor Paul Leone Peters, along with Trustee Brett Auerbach, were reelected for two year terms. Village Justice Robert Mauer was also reelected. Susan Rubenstein was elected to her first term and will take the place of Trustee Georgann Polatov, whom is retiring. Peters received 46 votes, Auerbach received 51 votes and Mauer received 41 votes.

In the Village of Roslyn, Mayor John Durkin and trustees Marta Genovese and Sarah Oral were all reelected for two year terms. Durkin received 107 votes, Genovese received 87 votes and Oral received 90 votes.

Flower Hill
In the Village of Flower Hill, Trustee Mary Jo Collins won her first two-year term, Trustees Frank Genese won a third-term and Claire Dorfman won a one-year term. Collins received 121 votes, Genese received 120 votes and Dorfman received 125 votes. Flower Hill native Max Frankel was elected, receiving 124 votes. Frankel will take the place of Trustee Jay Beber, who is retiring.

Great Neck Plaza
In the Village of Great Neck Plaza Trustees Gerald Schneiderman and Lawrence Katz both won. Schneiderman received 77 votes and Katz received 82 votes.

Great Neck Estates
In the Village of Great Neck Estates, Village Justice David Schaffer won his race receiving 14 votes, setting himself up for another four-year term.

Russell Gardens
In the Village of Russel Gardens, Mayor David Miller and Trustees Jane Krakauer and Martin Adickman all retained their positions. Miller received 30 votes, Krakauer received 31 votes and Adickman received 30 votes. Mayor Miller will serve a two-year term and both trustees are severing four-year terms.

In the Village of Thomaston, Mayor Steven Weinberg along with Trustees Jill Monoson and Burton Weston were all reelected. Weinberg received 24 votes, Weston received 25 votes and Monoson received 22 votes.

Saddle Rock
In the Village of Saddle Rock, Mayor Dan Levy received 153 votes, Trustees David Schwartz received 142 votes, new trustee Alex Kishinevsky received 149 votes, and Village Justice Julia Gavriel received 145 votes.

In the Village of Kensington, Trustee Alina Hendler received 17 votes and Trustee Brent Greenspan received 16 votes.
The villages of Great Neck and Kings Point will hold their elections on June 15.


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