The Art Of Marc Chagall


Chagall_12016On Sunday, Jan. 10, the Sinai Social Club of Temple Sinai of Roslyn hosted an interesting and well-attended event about the art work of Marc Chagall.

Nancy Traeger from Art in the City and a docent at the Nassau Museum of Art, captivated the attention of the audience as she helped bring to life the intricate and fascinating works of this well-known 20th Century artist. The presentation was interactive and questions and comments from the audience were encouraged.

Traeger’s explanations offered a deep look into Chagall’s paintings, their composition and meaning. She offered an appreciation of this timeless art and a rare insight into the artist’s mindset. Traeger presented explanations of Chagall’s artwork in historical context, and discussed symbolism in his art, noting the importance of music to his Jewish spirit which is reflected in his art.

Temple Sinai of Roslyn is at 425 Roslyn Rd. For more information, contact Ethel Liebeskind at 516-621-6800 or visit the website at



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