Temple Sinai Of Roslyn Religious School Opens



Students have returned to their classrooms and computers for the start of another school year at Temple Sinai of Roslyn Religious School. For the first time ever, families have the option to choose one of two modalities—in person or online.

For more than two months, the Religious School leadership worked together with both the Education Committee and the Health and Safety Committee to develop two plans of instruction that would meet the needs of its families while maintaining the temple’s high educational standards—a return to the school building or fully remote instruction. No matter which option families select, their reasons for choosing Temple Sinai Religious School are the same.

“We chose Temple Sinai Religious School because we feel it is a warm, nurturing place for students to learn,” Jana Grotas, mother of two, said. Grotas is particularly impressed by the “passion and devotion the clergy brings to what they do and the time they put in to really get to know each student.” Temple Sinai families appreciate that the curriculum focuses not only on the Hebrew language and Jewish history, but on cultural values such as our commitment to giving back and performing acts of tikkun olam, repairing the world.

The school’s mission of raising passionate, intelligent and dedicated young Jews is accomplished through the creation of a kehilla kedosha, a warm, caring and inclusive community that enhances and supports the personal Jewish journeys of their students and their families. The dedicated faculty and staff of Temple Sinai Religious School works diligently to ensure that whether students are learning in person or at home, they feel part of the community.

Temple Sinai is a reform congregation on Long Island, located at 425 Roslyn Rd., Roslyn Heights. For more information about Temple Sinai or its many programs, contact Executive Director Alison Stamm, at 516-621-6800 or visit mysinai.org.

—Submitted by Temple Sinai


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