Subaiya Joins ‘Disease Detectives’ Force


Saleena_081915Roslyn resident Saleena Subaiya is not just another physician. Subaiya is on the front lines of public health, working across both the United States and at global destinations to keep the world’s peoples safe from a variety of health threats, including outbreak investigations for emerging disease threats, global health, chronic disease and injury prevention.

Subaiya will be performing her duties as part of the CDC’s 2015 class of Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) officers.

Also known as CDC’s “disease detectives,” only 60 EIS officers are selected each year from a competitive national candidate pool of medical doctors, veterinarians, and PhD recipients. The officers, as noted, travel around the United States and the globe to practice their skills. Many of them, CDC officials said, have clinical practices and teaching opportunities. They prefer, instead, to practice public health, knowing that their work will save thousands of lives, many of them young people.

Subaiya has completed her initial training, which took place in Atlanta, GA. She now goes on to serve as an EIS officer in CDC’s Global Health/Global Immunization Division



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