Speed Enforcement Cameras


trafficThis fall, speed enforcement cameras are coming to Harbor Hill School.

On June 25, a Nassau County bill that allowed for the deployment of speed cameras to school zones for each of the school districts in Nassau County was signed into law.

The implementation of these enforcement cameras took effect this summer and will be operational on scheduled school days throughout the year.

According to Nassau County Traffic Safety Coordinator Christopher Mistron, Nassau County will be able to operate one camera system per school district for a total of 56 camera systems.

According to published reports, the cameras will operate from one hour before school until one hour after school lets out. For school events, such as sporting events and talent shows, the cameras will operate for one-half hour both before and after the event. Published reports also stated that fines for violated speed limits would be $50, plus a $30 administrative fee.

For the Roslyn School District, Harbor Hill School was chosen to have a speed camera system installed.

This location, school officials said, was chosen to help reduce the speed of traffic around the school and encourage safety for students in and around the school.

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