Setting The Record Straight


I am appalled with how loosely Ruth Shalom is playing with the facts in her letter regarding the Women’s Equality Act in the May 14 edition of The Roslyn News.
She is not entitled to her own facts. Legislation to stop discrimination, strengthen human trafficking laws, and protecting domestic violence victims was passed by the New York State Senate and supported by our own Senator Jack Martins. It was the Assembly that did not act on these bills.
Additionally, she inaccurately mischaracterizes the Reproductive Health Act, which in fact would expand the laws to allow late-term and partial-birth abortions in any circumstances, not just for rape victims and women whose lives are in danger.
As a woman, I support the right to choose. Those rights have been law for over 40 years. However, I don’t support allowing late-term and partial-birth abortions. Most other women I know share the same feelings. That’s what this bill would really do, and that’s wrong. Senator Martins’ vote reflected our views, and I’m glad he voted against this.
It’s really sad that someone would be so reckless with such a complicated and important issue, as well as bring a public official’s four children into the debate, just to further her own political vendetta. It’s even sadder that she assumes we’ll all fall for it.
Maricel Urrea

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