Senior Party Tradition Continues


fundOn Thursday, May 28, Roslyn High School will host its annual Senior Party, honoring the Class of 2015.

On that date, from 3 to 5 p.m., the high school gymnasium will be open for public viewing. Every year, parents of graduating seniors spend months working on a theme to celebrate the occasion. The theme is always a secret until the party breaks out and this year is no different. Seniors will arrive at the gym at 7:30 p.m. for the evening’s festivities. The senior party is open to all graduating seniors and is a wonderful opportunity for the students to celebrate together in a light-hearted atmosphere with music, dancing and delicious food.

The party was first held in 1963. Since then, this longstanding tradition has become a labor of love. Since early October, a group of dedicated parents, led by this year’s party cochairs Susan Lefcort, Maria Wolfe, Jenni Rebetti and Jodi Efros have gathered to plan, design and build what will become a magical experience for their senior sons
and daughters.

Starting with a theme that is a closely guarded secret, the parents have created a large-scale graduation gift to their children with a Broadway-like fantasy atmosphere. Working inside the district maintenance warehouse, parents cut, nail, paint and glitter scenery that will serve as a backdrop for the night’s events. Special thanks go to the Senior Party art chairs, including Mina Mandelbaum, Susan Berman, Randi Weiss, Stacey Schwartz, Suzanne Feldman and Barbara Adler. Senior party themes have run the gamut from whimsical to serious over the years. This year, seniors wait to see the magic.

Centerpieces have been created under the guidance of chairs Rhonda Scharf, Lesley Cooper and Roseanne Frank. Party favors will be distributed to each senior thanks to the leadership of Elayna Kaplan, Suzanne Fertig, Shari Ozer, Helene Korman, Nancy Miller and Allison George. The evening’s catering is due in part to the undertaking by the Food Committee chairs Jill Walder and Margaret Markman. The party is completely underwritten by parent donations of time and money as well as the generosity of local businesses. Thank you to Eileen Migden for coordinating all the donations, Carolyn Lederer for communicating all the information to the senior parents and to Jodi Horowitz, Lori Moskowitz, Tracy Levy and Joyce Galin for arranging the wonderful entertainment that the children will enjoy.

On May 13, parents representing the senior class drove around the neighborhood delivering the senior party invitation so all the classmates would receive them at the same time. A travel neck pillow imprinted with the senior party invitation was given to every senior so that they will have a great memory of their senior party to take with them as they continue on. Thank you to the invitation chairs Beth Bergman, Susan Leitman, Pam Cott and Faith Rousso. A large crew of regulars has worked diligently at the Roslyn School District warehouse to complete the project, while other parents have gathered food donations and will serve as wait staff during the party.

The event, as always, will be a night to remember for the graduate and is certainly a delight to those who stop by to take a peek. Community members of all ages are encouraged to bring their cameras, enjoy the talented effort of their fellow residents and discover the wonder of Senior Party. But, please remember to keep the theme a secret, at least until 7:30 p.m.



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