Seeking Owner Of Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot Found In Flower Hill


A Flower Hill resident found a double yellow-headed Amazon parrot in their driveway on the evening of June 18 and now local bird lover Maria Liuzzi-Verrastro is seeking its owner.

Liuzzi-Verrastro became aware of the parrot through 911 Parrot Alert (, an international database for lost, stolen, found and sightings of parrots. She took it in and has been fostering it this past month while she tries to locate the original owner.

“I have posted everywhere on Facebook and called vets and bird shops in area as well as handed out fliers in neighborhood,” Liuzzi-Verrastro said. She describes the bird as tame and hopes a Roslyn News reader can help track down his origins.

If you have any information about this bird, contact Maria Liuzzi-Verrastro at 631-495-9571.


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