Seeking Funding For Good Causes


Roslyn]East Hills resident Jonathan Small and his family have two pet dogs originally from abusive homes. The pets were provided by the Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center in Huntington.

And so, Small and his brother Michael, plus all those who want to help, are taking part in the 7th annual Little Shelter Memorial Day bike-a-thon. This year’s event will begin on Tuesday, May 26 in East Hills, ending four days later in Washington, DC.

This year’s bike-a-thon is different because of the long route. Over the years, the bike ride has started in Port Washington, Michael’s residence and made its way to East Hills, then to Huntington, where donations were dropped off and finally to East Hampton. In all, the route covered 100 miles of round-trip cycling for a good cause.

As with many people involved in charitable causes, Small has posted his information on
the popular website, GoFundMe.

On his GoFundMe web page, Small explained his project and its importance.

“This bike-a-thon was started by my brother Michael and me to help raise money and awareness for the Little Shelter Animal Rescue and Adoption Center located in Huntington,” it read. “In the past six years, we have helped raise almost $10,000. This year, we are hoping to bring our total to $10,000. Help us reach our goal so the Little Shelter can continue to do the work they do.”

The house in the Hamptons is no longer available, Small said. That is one reason why the bike-a-thon is taking its big leap this year. Another is that Small’s son is a student at American University in Washington. So, the ride will be both for a good cause and for a family reunion.

But it won’t be an easy one. In averaging 60 to 70 miles a day of cycling, the cyclists hope to make it to Washington in four days. From East Hills, they will cycle into Queens and Brooklyn and across the Williamsburg Bridge into Manhattan before making their way out of the city and into New Jersey for the home stretch. It is illegal to cycle along busy interstates and so, the cyclists can get a good workout while enjoying the two-lane roads along the countryside of New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland before arriving in another large metropolitan area.

When Small started the bike-a-thon, he hoped to raise up to $2,000. However, the personnel at Little Shelter advised him to be ambitious and aim for a $10,000 total instead. As in past years, Small’s project is marching towards that goal.

This year, cyclists will be riding approximately 300 miles, starting, as noted, in East Hills and ending four days later in the nation’s capital.

“We encourage anyone interested in joining us on this ride to contact the shelter directly for more information,” Small said.

As of press time, the project has raised over $1,200 and Small is confident that its fundraising goal will be reached.


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