Seeking Comprehensive Security


A new security systrem and street lighting were among the subjects of the second meeting of the Village of East Hills Security Commission, held early last month.

The meeting featured discussion by Peter Allan, president, and Gregory Tesorioro, lead engineer of General Security, the company which set up the security system for the the Village of Kings Point. The system utilizes cameras and license plate readers in real time and is a proactive system, one manned by the King Point police force (KPPD). Their features include camera surveillance, black boxes-license plate scanners with readers and live systems tied to KPPD cars and a main station. Allen and Tesorioro offered to survey village streets and areas of ingress and egress. The engineers will take a tour of the village and then report back to committee with a proposal before the March meeting.

The commission continued the discussion about cost, power and aesthetics related to street lighting centered on intersections throughout the village. It also discussed the possibility of establishing minimum lighting levels for both ongoing and completed construction projects.

In addition, there was more discussion about assembling safety kits for homeowners that would include whistles and informational cards with important phone numbers.

Further investigation of the vehicle identification systems will be explored. Two items were discussed again and dismissed because of costs or impracticality. They included a village police force and/or partnering up with Old Westbury or neighboring villages and community resident patrols. The next meeting is planned for Tuesday, March 1, at 7:30 p.m. at village hall, 209 Harbor Hill Rd. At that time, A Plus Security will present their proposed products.


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