School Board Honors Retirees


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe Roslyn Board of Education honored the 2014-2015 school district retirees at its June 4 board meeting. All will be sorely missed by the teachers, administrators, students and parents. Among those retiring include Dr. Dan Brenner, the district superintendent; Brad Frey, the longtime director of the Royal Crown Players (RCP) program and Jack Palmadesso, principal of the Roslyn Middle School. The retirees who were honored are:

• Joyce Albenda, East Hills School

• Isabela Albertieri, Roslyn Middle School

• Dan Brenner, Administration

• Thomas Cangero, Roslyn Middle School

• Brad Frey, Roslyn High School

• Eileen Goldsmith, Heights School

• Edith Monteserrato, Roslyn High School

• Mary Moran, East Hills School

• Patricia Murtagh, East Hills School

• Jack Palmadesso, Roslyn Middle School

• Jean Sanon, Transportation Dept.

• Joanne Santodonato, East Hills School

• Joanna Shubin, Roslyn Middle School

• Maureen Timony, East Hills School



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