Roslyn’s BOUT Boxing Fights Back


As this rollercoaster of a pandemic continues to wreak havoc on businesses everywhere—especially small, local operations—BOUT Boxing, a group fitness studio located in Roslyn has dodged the trend and fought its way out, bringing life back to its community and actually increasing its customer base along the way.

Led by brother and sister duo Alek and Nell Kucich, BOUT Boxing delivers a unique and unprecedented combination of big-city boutique fitness and small-town familiarity, providing customers with the level of world-class group fitness you’d find in a top-tier Manhattan studio—on a first-name basis. While the pandemic initially shuttered brick-and-mortar operations for BOUT Boxing—which has diligently followed and exceeded CDC and regional safety guidelines—the two siblings fought fate and established a popular series of 40-minute virtual workouts that has enabled BOUT Boxing to reconnect with its existing members and even acquire new customers thanks to the digital medium that has exponentially increased the local business’ reach.

“When we were originally told that all gyms needed to shut down, we thought it would be 1–2 weeks at most,” Alek Kucich, founder of BOUT Boxing, said. “When that time came and went, we realized this was going to be a change in our industry forever. We added daily virtual classes to ensure our loyal customers could stay healthy while staying safe. We are very connected to our customers and the BOUT Boxing community. In fact, we often train the whole family—moms, dads, kids, even grandparents.”

The 1,400-square-foot studio offers group fitness classes, private personal training, and live virtual workouts. BOUT Boxing also offers youth classes for ages 7–13, for all of the future boxing champions out there who are looking to gain more confidence, get stronger and have fun. A typical BOUT Boxing group fitness class features 12 three-minute rounds of boxing, conditioning, and functional training. Classes are designed to cater to all levels of boxing and fitness experience, with an emphasis on empowering attendees to improve their overall performance while having fun.

“BOUT Boxing has since reopened at half capacity and continues to follow all CDC guidelines in the studio,” Alek said. “As soon as we were allowed to open, we immediately had a lot of people coming in to train together safely, which helped bring our BOUT Boxing community together. We plan to continue our daily virtual workout classes over Zoom, and now we also offer at-home training for groups in the north shore area. COVID may have separated us in many ways, but I do think through group fitness and group activities it will bring people together again—stronger, more safely and better than before.”

BOUT Boxing expects to emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever and with virtual workouts complementing in-studio classes as a popular staple on the studio’s schedule—a winning 1-2 combination for continued growth. For more information, visit

—Submitted by BOUT Boxing

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