Roslyn Schools Rails Against Hugh Jackman Film

Dr. Frank Tassone will be played by Hugh Jackman in the new film Bad Education.

The Roslyn School District is giving a low grade to a new film set to go into production next month that depicts the true story of a disgraced former school superintendent.

The film, titled Bad Education will star Hugh Jackman as Frank Tassone, the former Roslyn Schools Superintendent who was sentenced to four to 12 years in prison in 2006 after he embezzled $11 million from the Roslyn School District. The film’s writer, Mike Makowsky, grew up in Roslyn and attended school in the district in the midst of the scandal.

Officials from the school district are not happy with the film, according to a statement released by Roslyn schools.

“The school district is not associated with the movie or its production, is not participating in this movie in any way, and no filming will be permitted on school grounds,” read the district’s statement. “While the film is purportedly meant to entertain, it’s important to remember that what occurred in our school district was far from entertaining. A former superintendent and several accomplices conspired to steal approximately $11.2 million meant for our children’s’ education. The scandal shook our community deeply.”

The district continued, “Since those days, the transformation of Roslyn Public Schools has been nothing short of remarkable. Under the leadership of a new, reform-minded Board of Education, the school district worked tirelessly to recover millions that had been stolen. The nationally-recognized Roslyn Public Schools of 2018 bears no resemblance to the organization as it existed 15 years ago.”

Tassone was released from prison in 2010, less than a year earlier than his minimum sentence. The film, slated for release in 2019, also stars Allison Janney and Ray Romano alongside Jackman.

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