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Though relatively small in area, Roslyn has no shortage of fabulous restaurants. There are a variety of dining establishments in every corner of the lovely Gold Coast town. When it’s nearing lunchtime and you’re craving something flavorful, try one of these off-the-beaten-path eateries.

Lou Joe Restaurant

While Asian fusion is hardly a new concept, Lou Joe Restaurant makes it its own by blending a variety of Asian flavors, especially those from Guangxi Province in China. The menu includes modern Japanese and traditional Chinese cuisine and sends diners on a delightful journey of tastes right inside the Roslyn Heights establishment.

Lunch and dinner options include chicken and broccoli with brown sauce, steak Thai curry, shrimp and baby eggplant in garlic sauce, steamed Chilean sea bass with yuzu shoyu and lobster with a creamy saffron reduction. Sushi options are extensive with chef-selected tasting menus and signature rolls like Roxy Dragon, Dancing Eel, Ooba Maki and Volcano, to name a few.

Lou Joe Restaurant is located at 255 Willis Avenue; 516-484-7456;

Chicken Kebab Restaurant

A low-key café in Roslyn Heights, Chicken Kebab Restaurant features a wide selection of Mediterranean dishes, some even original family recipes of Turkish owner Nazim Alkan. Along with his wife, Munevver, whom he describes as “the best cook in Turkey,” the Alkans serve their guests as if they were family.

On the menu, you’ll find savory meat, cheese and spinach pies, hummus, tabuleh, falafel, scordalia, homemade dolma, baba ganoush and saganaki, and that barely scratches the surface of appetizer choices. There are also salads, sandwiches and every kind of kebab imaginable.

Chicken Kebab Restaurant is located at 92 Mineola Avenue; 516-621-6828;

Landmark Diner

In this, the land of diners, Landmark Diner is a standout. As part of the community for more than 45 years, a visit to the Landmark Diner is like a visit to an old friend. Not only does it serve American staples, the diner is committed to taking care of the environment by recycling, using eco-friendly cleaning products, adopting energy-efficient systems and serving all-natural and hormone-free meat.

With options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert, the voluminous menu contains every kind of dish conceivable, from omelets and pancakes to soups and sandwiches, and salads and burgers to wraps and flatbread pizzas. Landmark Diner also offers traditional Greek platter selections like spanokopita, gyro, souvlaki, kotopoulo and moussaka.

Landmark Diner is located at 1027 Northern Boulevard; 516-627-4830;

Grill Mark

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If you are looking for a healthy alternative to fast food, Grill Mark should be your next stop. The café right down the block in Albertson bases its menu on the Mediterranean diet and makes it its mission to serve the freshest, highest quality and tastiest food to its customers.

At Grill Mark you’ll find nutritional powerhouses like kale and avocado, all-natural grilled skewered meats, sweet potato fries, fresh fish and seafood, homemade soups and cold-pressed juices. And there’s no need to deny your sweet tooth with treats like walnut baklava, cheesecake and rice pudding at hand.

Grill Mark is located at 1008 Willis Avenue; 516-621-9300;

Center Cuts

This gourmet retail market, butcher shop, lunch spot and caterer is a cut above! Read Roslyn News Magazine‘s interview with co-owner Justin Aronoff:


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