Roslyn News Through The Century


Settled in 1643 and incorporated in 1932, the village of Roslyn glows with a richly celebrated history—and included in that history is The Roslyn News, which this year celebrates 140 years of bringing news to the community. From its humble beginnings as a broadsheet in 1877, to Karl Anton’s purchase in 1984, to coverage of schools, sports, triumph and tragedy, The Roslyn News continues its dedication to serving its loyal readers. There will always be stories to tell in Roslyn and we look forward to joining you on this journey for another 140 years.

In this special commemorative edition, Nov. 22-28, 2017, readers will enjoy a history lesson from longtime editor Joseph Scotchie, trace the legacy of the Clock Tower, learn about a peculiar horse statue in Gerry Park, relive stories and ads from the past, celebrate the lives of prominent residents and more.

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Since 1877, Roslyn News has served the communities of Roslyn, Roslyn Harbor, Roslyn Heights, Roslyn Estates, Flower Hill, East Hills, Greenvale and Albertson with diligent coverage of local news and community events,

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