Roslyn High School Valedictorian, Salutatorian


ValSal_062916Aim Chen, Valedictorian
Tim Chen is an outstanding young man with qualities and aptitudes that top the spectrum. He has demonstrated a level of maturity, motivation and dedication that far surpasses most of his peers. At the same time, he also stands out for his modest nature and his willingness to help his classmates.
Chen’s stellar academic transcript is replete with Honors and Advanced Placement Courses, and his upward trend in rigor was complemented by outstanding success. He possesses a superior aptitude, thrives on intellectual stimulation, and is curious about most subject areas. Each year, Chen selected his courses based on the desire to follow his passion and challenge himself. This resulted in the highest level of math and science courses he could take. In fact, Chen exhausted Roslyn’s math curriculum as a student in the Math Research Honors Sequence. As a senior, he added Linear Algebra to his schedule, which is aligned as an elective for our research honors math students. He was named a National Merit Semifinalist in the fall of his senior year, accepting the honor with his characteristically humble demeanor. His intellectual, emotional and social maturity is rare for a high school student.
Chen’s extracurricular activities have been meaningful and notable for emphasizing quality over quantity. He found activities that interested him and grew within them. For example, he is president of the Math Club and publicist in the Astronomy Club. His interests and talents in math and science are innate and have earned him accolades in our honor societies and county math tournaments. In the summer preceding Chen’s junior year, he chose to volunteer as a tutor to work with underprivileged children. This is just another example of Chen’s genuine being, as he chose to help others over attending a summer program at Columbia University, which he postponed until the summer prior to his senior year.
Chen is well respected by his peers, the faculty and the administration. He has demonstrated passion and leadership throughout his scholarly journey, and truly belongs at a university that will continue to foster intellectual growth in his academic endeavors. He will be attending the California Institute of Technology in the fall.
Mahip Grewal, Salutatorian
Mahip Grewal is an outstanding student and an exceptional young woman. She has distinguished herself as both a scholar and an invaluable member of the Roslyn High School community. Grewal has excelled in an intensely rigorous curriculum throughout her high school career, as evidenced by becoming an AP Scholar with Distinction in her junior year. At the same time, she has maintained a strong commitment to natural science research. Grewal won first place in the category of Cellular and Molecular Biology at the Long Island Science and Engineering Fair, thus securing a place at the International Science and Engineering Fair.
Grewal is a natural-born leader and collaborator. Since her freshman year, she has been a varsity athlete who exemplifies excellent sportsmanship, a leader in our student government, and a skilled contributor as a member of both the Ethics Team and Model Government Club. Grewal garners respect from all who know her and, most fittingly, was invited to be the student representative on the high school’s Shared Decision Making Committee.
Grewal has consistently demonstrated a fine intellect, impassioned work ethic and sincere sense of civic responsibility. She looks forward to pursuing her study in the sciences as a member of University of Pennsylvania’s Class 0f 2020.
—Submitted by the Roslyn School District

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