Roslyn Aglow With Tree And Menorah Lighting


Tree_120915BBy Gary Simeone

Thursday, Dec. 3 was a brisk night for the annual Christmas tree and menorah lighting ceremony at the Roslyn Clock Tower. Still, village residents were in good cheer as the holiday season got off to a hopeful start with downtown Roslyn lit up for December.

At the clock tower, Chamber of Commerce President Vito Di Trapani and local politicians including Town of North Hempstead Councilman Peter Zuckerman and Town Clerk Wayne Wink, both East Hills residents were in attendance. The tree and menorah were officially lit up at 5:30 p.m. and a prayer was recited by Reverend Margaret Peckham Clark, rector at the Trinity Episcopal Church.

“This is a traditional event we hold every year at the historic Roslyn clock tower,” said Di Trapani. “It is something we look forward to and a way for our village to kick off the start of the holiday season.”

Rev. Peckham Clark said she makes it down each year to the tree and menorah lighting and that this year is especially important because of all the darkness and sorrow in the news as of late.

“We have been hearing and seeing all of this darkness and sorrow in the news recently and in this season it is important that our beloved community of Roslyn comes together and shares in song,” said Rev. Peckham Clark.

Clark recited a prayer asking people to remember those who suffer from hunger, depression, homelessness and joblessness and asked that they may find comfort, healing and love. She also asked that those who serve in our armed forces stay safe and find joy and comfort in celebrating the holidays.

“In this cold and dark time of the year, we are grateful for the beauty of nature, this community and family and friends,” recited the Reverend. “We are grateful for our freedom and the stability our country enjoys. In this time of darkness, even as we rush to prepare, we wait in hope for all the joy and goodness we yearn to have.”

Zuckerman, who is a regular attendee at many Roslyn events, said he was excited about the lighting of the tree and menorah.

“Roslyn is an historic and very special place to the Town of North Hempstead, ” said Zuckerman. “I am very excited to be a part of this annual tree and menorah lighting ceremony.”


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