Road Paving In East Hills


Paving_100715ADriving in much of the Roslyn area should run more smoothly now. At least that’s what Town of North Hempstead officials hope as an ambitious road paving project in the area is now complete.

The project involved 7,400 ft. of roadway in the Roslyn area. That included Saddle Lane, Horseshoe Lane, Pasture Lane, Hill Lane, Farm Lane and Knoll Lane in Albertson and Roslyn Heights, plus Town Path Road in East Hills.

“Ensuring that our roads continue to be paved consistently is critical to maintaining the high quality of life that our residents deserve,” said Councilman and East Hills resident Peter Zuckerman whose council district seat includes the roads that saw extensive repaving.

“Having safe and newly resurfaced roads is a top priority of our administration and we include road resurfacing each year in our capital plan,” added Supervisor Judi Bosworth. “I thank our Highway Department for getting the job done for the residents of the Town of North Hempstead.”

Town officials said there are several criteria for roads to be chosen for resurfacing projects. One way, officials said, is through a list generated annually by the area foreman prioritizing roadways that require resurfacing. Another way to get on a resurfacing list is through feedback from 311 service requests and through the town council via constituent requests. The streets in Albertson, Roslyn Heights and Roslyn met those criteria and now, motorists have a fresh slab of asphalt to drive more safely on.



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