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Reggae artist, Louis Atlas will be performing at My Father’s Place in Roslyn on June 19.

New York-based singer and songwriter Louis Atlas will be preforming a show at My Father’s Place in Roslyn on Wednesday, June 19, at 8 p.m. The show will feature Atlas and his band, The All World Band, which includes guitarist Andy Bassford, keyboardist Aya Kato, bassist Rupert McKenzie, drummer Wayne Fletcher and singer Kim Miller.

Joining him at My Father’s Place will be Sister Carol, a Grammy-nominated reggae legend, who has been featured twice on Late Night with David Letterman and Conan O’Brien and on VH1 with Nile Rodgers.

Atlas is looking forward to his upcoming show at My Father’s Place and is excited to be performing with Sister Carol for the first time. Music has always been a major part of Atlas’ life; he has been singing since he was a young child. Atlas first began preforming rock-n-roll, rhythm and blues and jazz, but fell in love with reggae after listening to a Bob Marley song.

“Knowledge, honesty, self-awareness and determination empowered me into the heart of the world of reggae, inspiring my first three albums,” states Atlas’ website.
Atlas recently appeared as a featured guest on Voice of America’s Border Crossings, where he spoke with host Larry London and performed a number of songs. Among his songs was crowd favorite, “Coconut Dream,” the title track off his newest album, as well as “Drifting Further Away From Me.”

“Coconut Dream” is filled with moments of character that display Atlas’s evolution and comfort level as a reggae musician, “it wasn’t always like this,” he recalls.
“One day at a rehearsal I was doing a cover song and trying to sound Jamaican. One of the musicians said, ‘You sound like a mouse. Just sing it like yourself.’ That was really good advice because, man, you really can’t fake anything. If you do, it looks and sounds exactly that, fake. I learned right away that the only thing that works for you and the audience is truth,” said Atlas.

When Atlas is not on the road performing shows throughout New York, he is working on writing songs for a future album. During his free time, he enjoys traveling to Jamaica. Atlas finds that much of his inspiration for his songs are based on personal experiences and stems from his vacations to Jamaica.

His most recent album, “Coconut Dream” was released this past March, and is available now on all platforms.

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