Rebecca Angel To Perform At My Father’s Place

Jazz vocalist, Rebecca Angel will be performing on Aug. 1 at 8 p.m. (Photo courtesy of Rebecca Angel)

Local contemporary jazz vocalist Rebecca Angel, will be performing at My Father’s Place at the Roslyn Hotel on Aug. 1, at 8 p.m. This is Angel’s first performance on Long Island, where she will be opening for folk music legend, Jim Dawson.

“I feel so honored and lucky to be able to perform with Jim Dawson and at a place where so many legendary artists have performed,” said Angel.

Angel’s most recent EP What We Had, which came out in June, has two original songs. “What We Had” and “Feel Alive,” are two songs which she co-wrote with her father, who is also a musician and plays the trumpet. The EP, produced by Jason Miles, is best described as a fusion of Brazilian and contemporary pop vibes, which gives Angel a consistent sound all throughout. Angel showcases her talents with a more traditional jazz song, “Winter Moon,” which was originally composed by a famous jazz composer. Angel added her own spin to the song, making it more unique.

Aside from the EP What We Had, Angel recorded a single stand-alone song in February of this year called “Thoughts and Prayers,” which speaks about the harsh realities of gun violence in America. The song is personal to Angel, whose cousin went to school in Parkland, FL where a mass shooting occurred in 2018. Although her cousin was not injured, the tragedy hit close to home for Angel and compelled her to write a song about the experience.

“With everything going on politically, I felt driven to write something about all the injustice, so many people losing their lives,” she said. “After Parkland, I felt it was appropriate to release the song.”

Many of her musical inspirations come from well known artists such as The Beatles, Bob Marley and Billy Holiday, although Angel says her biggest inspiration is her family, who is very supportive of her music career.

“I think having family support is the biggest inspiration for me,” said Angel. “They keep me uplifted to keep doing what I do.”

Angel has a new song coming out in August called “Summer Song,” which details Angel’s childhood, growing up and coming into her own. The song was insprired by the Me Too movement with women feeling empowered. Angel wanted the song to be uplifting and to send a message to her listeners.

When she’s not performing on stage, Angel is working on creating and writing original music. “[Creating] original music is always the goal because it’s where I’m best able to express myself,” said Angel.

Angel’s music can also be found on all music streaming sites including iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music. For more information about Angel’s music visit For more information about performances at My Father’s Place, visit

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