Project Lead The Way


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThe 2014 – 2015 school year marked the first year into the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) engineering program at Roslyn High School, where 98 students completed the Drawing and Design for Production: Introduction to Engineering Design course. This course was spearheaded by teachers William Marvin and Richard Ritter, who spent two weeks last summer being trained for the course at the Rochester Institute of Technology, and many more hours during the school year to ensure the program met all of the PLTW requirements and students’ needs.

In late June students took an online assessment from PLTW to determine their mastery of the coursework. This timed assessment took place over two days. The maximum Stanine score a student could receive is “9” and scores are broken into the following three categories in terms of student results: Basic, Proficient and Advanced. Eighty-eight of the students were determined to be Proficient or Advanced, and of these students, sixty-four of them may be eligible to receive three college credits from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Roslyn is looking forward to its second PLTW course: Computer Integrated Manufacturing, for our students who are continuing in the program. Teachers Lisa Spyridon and William Marvin are getting ready for another two-week training session at RIT in preparation. This will have many hands-on components and will be an excellent challenge for students. The district will continue to offer our Drawing and Design for Production (IED) course for first year students.



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