Praise For Haber


It has been my distinct pleasure to have known and worked with Adam Haber over these past several years as trustees of the Roslyn Board of Education. Adam has a positive energy with visionary ideas and practical solutions. Our school district has benefited from his perspectives and tenacity for striving for what is best and beneficial to all in our community. To say the least, he gets things done.
Adam has a proven record of success in his professional career. But to me, it is his sense and sensitivity to critical issues facing Nassau County that make him uniquely qualified to serve as our next state senator of the 7th district. He brings people along for a productive and meaningful journey. As an example, immediately following the devastation of Sandy, he, along with his friends from All Hands (an international disaster relief organization) swiftly mobilized our community to collect food, clothing, medical, school and cleaning supplies for those suffering on our south shore. Together, with his direction so much was accomplished, and those of us that participated gained a higher level of appreciation for what we have. He has helped to make me a better citizen, school board member and community volunteer.
There are countless examples of his generosity of time, guidance and own financial commitment. It is clear to me that Adam does so much for others for all the right reasons. He is in this race for the good of the community – that is who and what Adam is all about. He is selfless, smart and passionate about making progressive and constructive changes in our community. He is a force.
Likely, if Adam is successful in his bid as State Senator, he would resign as a Trustee of our BOE. That would be a tremendous loss for our school district, but such a tremendous victory for 7th District families, businesses and our environment. Our School District would have benefited from Adam’s presence in countless ways and he would be leaving our District in a much better place than when he initially became a board member.
Please take the time to visit his website, see for yourself why Adam Haber is clearly the best and only choice as the 7th District State Senator for the future of Nassau County and for our future. Thank you.

Bruce G. Valauri, DDS

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