Parent Faculty Association Thanks Administration, Teachers And Staff


Our Roslyn community is just starting to see a prospective light as we begin thinking about the end of one of the world’s worst global pandemics. Families, friends and neighbors within our school community are reflecting and talking with one another and about how, with who and with what support they were able to get through the last year. With National Teacher Day this year being recognized on Tuesday, May 4, the Parent Faculty Associations across the Roslyn Public Schools are thrilled to honor, celebrate and recognize you— our amazing administration, teachers and staff for your outstanding work shaping the young minds of Roslyn’s youth. You accomplished this with consistent dedication, drive, and care in a year like no other.

We want to take this public opportunity to acknowledge all your hard work, creativity and ability to think outside the box to help support our children during this unprecedented year. More than ever before, our children needed unsurpassed academic and emotional support and you gave them that in ways that made Roslyn an extraordinary example for other districts to follow not only locally, but around the country.

Applause to administration who continue to work tirelessly to keep our school doors open safely for our children. Graceful gratitude to our teachers who have worn the hats of educator, nurturer and confidant; many times, putting the needs of our children before their own. Thank you to the staff who have been at the foundation of ensuring our buildings are crisp clean. Thank you to the staff who have transported our children to and from school with protection and thank you to the support staff who often goes above and beyond the call of their roles.

We celebrate each one of you on this special week of recognition. We thank you for playing an integral role of bringing our children glimmers of normalcy in a world that has been turned upside down. We have a special week filled for you that will shower you with appreciation, recognize your importance and make you feel as essential as you are to your students, their parents, and the entire Roslyn community. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

—Submitted by the Roslyn Schools Parent Faculty Associations


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