No Challengers For Local Incumbents


electionOn Tuesday, March 18, villages in the Roslyn area will be holding board of trustee elections. And in case there is a write-in campaign, there will be no challenges to the incumbents running in three local villages.

In the Village of Roslyn Estates, Trustees Sandy Joel Siff and Brian Feingold are up for re-election for another four-year term.

Next door, in the Village of Roslyn Harbor, Trustees Sandy K. Quentzel and James Friscia are also up for re-election as is Village Justice Charles Parisi.

Finally, in the Village of Roslyn, longtime Trustees Marshall Bernstein and Craig Westergard are running for another four-year term. Village Justice Andrew Weitz is up for re-election for a two-year term. As with trustees and village justices running in Roslyn Estates and Roslyn Harbor, this trio faces no challengers to another re-election campaign.

This year, the Village of East Hills is not holding elections.

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