New Officers For Roslyn Rescue


Roslyn Rescue Hook and Ladder Co. #1 of Roslyn is celebrating its 163rd year with the installation of new officers in November. The first meeting of formation was held on Nov. 1, 1852 at the Roslyn Hotel which was located on East Broadway. The first firehouse was located near what is now Hendrick’s Tavern on Old Northern Boulevard. Since that first building was built, Roslyn Rescue has moved locations several times. New York State granted Roslyn Rescue their charter in 1866. This has been reported as the oldest fire department charter in New York State.

Today, the administrative offices are located at 155 Mineola Ave., which is two blocks from the west bound service road of the Long Island Expressway. On the first floor of that building there is a large conference room where monthly meetings are held, our new members are sworn in, trainings are presented and committee meetings are carried out.

The EMS, fire department and fire police administrative offices are located on the second floor of 155. Next door to 155 Mineola Ave. is 165 Mineola Ave. This is one of two fire department garages. The garage at 165 Mineola Ave. houses fire trucks (ladder, pumper, rescue), an EMT fly car and one of our two ambulances. Some of the trainings, such as vehicle extrication exercises are held in the back parking lot of 155 and 165 Mineola Ave. The department relies on donated cars to practice these exercises. Firefighters are given the opportunity at this type of training to work with various tools (jaws of life, hurst) and equipment to learn and practice how to safely extricate trapped victims from car accidents.

Roslyn Rescue is an all volunteer organization providing fire fighting and emergency medical services to Roslyn’s villages as well as to the surrounding communities. The members hail from Roslyn and the towns and villages nearby. Volunteers come from a variety of professions and backgrounds. Some of the members are high school and college students. Many in our ranks work for the New York City Fire Department as firefighters and EMTs or for the New York City and Nassau County police departments. Members are doctors, lawyers, nurses, hospital administrators, artists, psychologists, business people and employees of area towns and villages as well as retirees.

In addition to fire and EMS response, Roslyn Rescue also provides standby equipment and personnel at special events in the community such as football games.

Because Roslyn Rescue covers a large catchment area including all the villages in Roslyn and parts of Port Washington, Brookville, Old Brookville and Old Westbury, our calls are varied. Volunteers respond to car accidents on the highway and parkway in addition to all the local roads.

Roslyn Rescue is always looking for members to join its ranks. If you want to do rewarding community volunteer work, the Roslyn Rescue family is interested in hearing from you. Log onto:


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