Nassau v. Morely Park


For months now a small group of “NIMBYists” and Nassau County have been trying to destroy a forested area of Christopher Morley Park in Roslyn. What is most disturbing about this, is the lack of “due diligence” on the part of the county administration and legislature before making a decision that would place an industrial facility in the East side of the park and the destruction of about 48 mature trees in an area used by Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Cub scouts for camping and other outdoor activities. This area also contains a nature trail used by hundreds of Nassau Residents to enjoy the beauty of the forest.

How did this all start? In the end of last  year, Roslyn Water Company, during a routine water quality test, found “traces” of Freon-22 at well head #4. Samples of the water were sent to DEC and Nassau Department of Health. It was determine that he amounts of volatile material did not constitute any danger to the public.

The Roslyn Water Company decide to forestall any possible concerns by building an “Air Stripper” on their property which already contains a water storage tank in Roslyn Estates. In essence, the Freon-22 will be removed from the water supply and disperse into the air in benign amounts.

This solution was sent to the Bureau of Toxic Substance Assessment of the Nassau Department of Health for evaluation. The used  standards and data from the U.S. Department of Environmental  Protection and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation for their evaluation.

The result was, as noted in an internal  letter in the Nassau County Department of Health, dated February 21, 2014; “….Exposure to Freon-22 in air associated with the operation of the planned treatment system (Air Stripper) is not expected to cause adverse health effects in nearby residents, even after a lifetime of continuous exposure”.

Since there is no health justification for putting he Air Stripper into the park, we a calling on all elected officials of Nassau County and  New York State to kill this proposal NOW! Let Roslyn Water Company place the facility on the property in Roslyn Estates or wherever but not in a public park.

Bruce Piel


Park Advocacy & Recreation Council of Nassau (PARCnassau)

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