Multimedia Learning Center Opens


picLast month, the Alberston-based Viscardi Center dedicated its fully accessible Viscardi Multimedia Learning Center, made possible by the generosity of long-time supporters and Roslyn area residents John and Janet Kornreich.

The facility offers a wide range of new capabilities that will benefit the children and adults with disabilities served by the Center.

“John and Janet Kornreich saw the value of renovating the original learning center, which had become virtually obsolete, and how upgraded technology would enhance learning for the students of Henry Viscardi School here at the Center and the adults we serve through our employment training and placement services,” said John D. Kemp, President and CEO of The Viscardi Center. “The Viscardi Multimedia Learning Center opens a world of new experiences for them – from collaboration with other schools to video production in our studio, virtual tours and distance learning.”

“The Viscardi Center now has a state-of-the-art facility for transmitting and receiving any kind of communication over any media – as well as creating all sorts of content itself,” John Kornreich added. “This will enable advanced learning techniques for its constituency of disabled children and adults.”

“The ability to generate and distribute content allows us to continue to be a knowledge resource for others — locally, nationally and internationally — on leading edge approaches and best practices for educating and employing children and adults with disabilities,” Kemp said.

The Viscardi Multimedia Learning Center’s capabilities were demonstrated during the dedication ceremony. This gave guests the opportunity to see firsthand how the children and adults with disabilities The Viscardi Center serves will benefit from the technology. These included a distance learning session, a virtual tour of Adelphi University’s Sculpture Garden and screenings of student-produced films.

The Viscardi Multimedia Learning Center can now be used for:

• Collaborative learning between the classrooms at Henry Viscardi School at The Viscardi Center.
• Distance learning and training through videoconferencing with local, national and international educational institutions, businesses, community organizations, etc.
• Virtual tours and visits to museums and other cultural and community-based settings, many of which are not fully accessible or reachable.
• On-site production and editing of films by students in an upgraded studio that features a green screen and student news reporting.
• Hands-on exploration of potential career paths in areas such as journalism, film, editing, production, special effects, and sound/lighting.

“With additional funding, the Viscardi Multimedia Learning Center’s capabilities can be expanded to include video broadcasting of Henry Viscardi School daily announcements and live streaming of events that take place in the school gym, such as our annual basketball tournament, talent shows and Sports Night fundraiser so that students, families, friends and supporters who cannot attend may be part of these Viscardi happenings,” added Kemp.

Kemp also noted the Viscardi Multimedia Learning Center would be available for rental to businesses interested in hosting meetings, conferences and training that required multimedia technology and universal accessibility.

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