More Cycling Success For Yariv Kafri


Late last month, Equinox of Woodbury hosted a Supportersize cycling event for people living with cancer. The day featured an appearance by Yariv Kafri, a Roslyn Heights resident who has been a tower of inspiration to Long Islanders battling forms of cancer.

For his work in organizing Supportersize, Kafri will be honored on May 26 by Massachusetts General Cancer Center’s gala, “The One Hundred,” a fundraising event that spreads hope in the cancer community. Every spring, the organization honors 100 individuals and groups, including caregivers, researchers, philanthropists, advocates and volunteers, whose commitment to the fight against cancer inspires action.

Supportersize is an organization that seeks to help those affected by cancer to experience solidarity and achievement through numerous physical activities. Such events, in turn, encourage an active lifestyle that will provide participants with moments of happiness, strength and hope. Supportersize has also partnered with Equinox of Roslyn for a similar fundraising event.

Meanwhile, funds raised at the gala support the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. Discoveries made at Mass General, in turn, benefit cancer patients worldwide.

Kafri has long led the battle against cancer by example. He is a world-renowned athlete and a former member of the Israeli National Volleyball team. Kafri has also competed in more than 30 Olympic and Ironman distance triathlons. Currently, Kafri is training for the Transrockies, which includes 120 miles of climbing. He has long maintained that exercise and the outdoors are a big part of his own recovery, which eventually inspired him to start Supportersize.



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