Mayor’s Trophy Tourney


mayor_103114AThe finals of the East Hills Mayor’s Trophy Softball Tournament game were recently played at The Park At East Hills. The day started with the introduction of the two teams followed by the first pitch being thrown out by Village Trustee Brian Meyerson.

After the ground rules were set by the umpires, the two opposing captains Jeff Kozuch and Gary Cohen shook hands and prepared to do battle. Although Cohen’s team had many of the same players from last year’s championship victory, they were not able to overcome the onslaught of runs scored by Kozuch’s squad.

The final score was 12-6. Mayor Michael R. Koblenz was on hand to congratulate and present the winning team with the trophy.
This year’s championship roster consisted of Jeff Kozuch, Brad and Ryan Meyers, Jeff and Blake Boshnak, Len, Adam and Jim Gries, Gary Klein, Steven Yadegari, Steven Richer and Stewart Faden.


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