Math Whiz Kid Gives Back

Andrew Zuckerman
Andrew Zuckerman

Andrew Zuckerman, a Roslyn resident and a junior at The Wheatley School, was pleasantly surprised when he found out he got a perfect score on the math section of the SATs. He recently decided to give that knowledge back, by starting a peer tutoring program at the Westbury Memorial Public Library.

On Tuesday nights, Zuckerman leads tutoring sessions at the library, where he helps sophomores and juniors from the Westbury and Carle Place school districts master math problems they would typically find on standardized tests.

“I really like math a lot, but I know a lot of people find it hard to learn and do well in,” Zuckerman said. “But everyone has the potential to do well. It’s just a matter of practice and doing the type of problems on these tests with a little bit of help.”

There’s a six student limit for each class, with each session tackling either geometry, algebra or numbers. The small group allows Zuckerman the chance to give personalized attention to the students, which is especially important because many of them are on different levels.

“Kids can get more attention. With the smaller sizes, it works for that classroom look and individual tutoring feel,” he said.

Zuckerman, who is in accelerated math classes and also helps with the peer tutoring program at Wheatley, says he enjoys helping other students get better at a subject they may be struggling in.

“I love helping out,” Zuckerman said. “I know other people do community service and this is something I enjoy, helping people with something I’m good at. To see improvement makes me happy.”

The program was originally scheduled for six two-hour classes throughout January and February, with students being able to sign up for a limit of three sessions. But Young Adult librarian Ali Blau says the program has been so well received, she hopes to continue it throughout March and April.

Andrew offers insight into difficult sections of the test. His passion for math and a generous spirit are his motivations for teaching these classes,” Blau said. “It’s a great opportunity for the students of Westbury and Carle Place to learn from him.”

And Zuckerman agrees, saying he wants to continue giving back through the program.

“Overall kids come out of the class and ask to sign up for another class because they found it pretty useful, whether its notes I gave them or going through problems together,” Zuckerman said. “I’d love to continue and keep on going, because I know a lot of kids would benefit from this and
I enjoy it as well.”

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