Maragos Thanks Supporters


Written by Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos

I want to thank everyone who voted on Nov. 5 and participated in the most important part of the democratic process. The results clearly show that Nassau County residents want lower taxes, less expensive government and high quality services. These are not incompatible objectives. These objectives can be accomplished by continuing to make government more efficient by finding and eliminating waste, fraud, and unnecessary expenses while growing our economy to provide jobs, opportunities and additional sales tax revenues. The Comptroller’s office will be a strong advocate for smart economic growth and lower taxes.

For the next four years my office will continue to review every contract for value, continue to audit departments and vendors that may be inefficient, and continue to be an advocate for every resident that believes the government is not responsive to his/her issues. The Comptroller’s Office will push for expanded opportunities for women and minority firms and protect those in need by supporting social service programs as good investments in our human capital.

Our County still faces many challenges including; increasing the “rainy day fund,” reducing the long term debt, rising school taxes, ending the wage freeze for our employees, recovering from Superstorm Sandy, rebuilding the Coliseum, resolving lingering issues with the Tax Assessment System improving public transportation and increasing affordable housing. The County finances have improved by all measures in the last 4 years as reported in all audited financial statements. Our residents have felt the financial improvements as the County has not asked for a single dollar in higher property taxes. Sustaining the fiscal improvements will be demanding as growth in expenditures from the challenges above will exceed revenue growth. The County Executive and the Legislature will need to address the projected structural fiscal imbalance.

The time for partisan politics is over. Now it is time Democrats and Republicans to work together to make sure the Nassau County our children inherit is a better Nassau County.

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