Local Resident Runs For County’s State Legislature


McCarty’s campaign focuses on affordable living, safe neighborhoods, schools, and more

By Jeannie McDonald


Megan McCarty of Port Washington with her two children, Harry and Alice. (Contributed photo)

Meet Meagan McCarty; advocate, mom, wife, Port Washington resident, and now, a candidate for Nassau County’s District 11 State Legislature. Recently, McCarty announced her plans to run for this position, which incorporates Sands Point, Baxter Estates, Manorhaven, Manhasset Isle, North Port Washington, Port Washington, Flower Hill, Roslyn, Roslyn Harbor, Glenwood, Glenwood Landing, Seacliff, and Glen Cove. McCarty is running against incumbent Legislator, Delia DeRiggi-Whitton (D-Glen Cove), who has held the seat for seven terms. McCarty believes it’s time for a new seatholder with fresh ideas.
Originally from New Jersey, McCarty moved to Long Island after meeting her husband—then police officer, now sergeant, Brian McCarty. Together, they have two children, who both attend public school. Previously, she’s worked on campaigns for former North Hempstead Councilmember Dina De Giorgio and former state Senator Elaine Phillips.

“I keep pinching myself that I’m running with Elaine Phillips,” McCarty said, citing both Phillips and De Giorgio as not only mentors, but political inspirations of hers. “No education could have provided me with what they have taught me.”

McCarty has been drawn to local politics for quite some time, working on campaigns since she was a child.

“I’ve always had an interest in how the government works,” she said. “I just love helping people.”

After seeing how involved she was in the community, former Councilwoman De Giorgio asked McCarty to work as her legislative aide. “It’s so rewarding to see it materialize,” McCarty said, in regard to providing solutions for local issues. Getting to work with former state Senator Phillips as a constituent service legislative aide was a similar position, but on a greater scale.

“I loved speaking with constituents everyday,” McCarty said of her former positions, “as well as trying to help facilitate improvements within the community.”

A crucial reason for her running is being proactive, especially after seeing the impact of COVID-19.

“It’s been a rough year. When the pandemic hit, that hurt a lot of people financially. We lost a lot of loved ones, and the emotional toll—I don’t know if we can come back from that. However, the reassessment took place during people’s lowest points,” McCarty said, in regard to the recent bill responsible for raising property taxes in Nassau County. “I think we need to evaluate what went wrong and make sure that we come up with a plan, so going forward, we have something to fall back on. So, there isn’t a reassessment during a pandemic and financial crisis, and that vaccines are distributed quickly and efficiently.”

An additional passion of McCarty’s is keeping Long Island affordable.

“Recently, there was an opportunity to turn down a huge tax increase. Most of them voted off, but you need 13 in order for it to go,” McCarty explained.

Port Washington is among one of the towns to be hit with the most property tax increases.

As a resident of Port Washington, keeping costs low is a major priority to McCarty. She emphasized the importance of being able to live comfortably and develop roots on Long Island. If elected, she plans on sticking to her values.

“Had I been there, I would’ve been able to fight against that increase,” she said.

McCarty’s slogan, “For the people” really means for the people. As a mother and resident, she understands the issues that the community is facing firsthand. Her vision for District 11 is making it an affordable place with generations of families living together happily, being active within the community. McCarty places importance on art, culture, the environment and the community, and wants every resident on Long Island to be able to live happily and comfortably, whether that’s enjoying the North Shore beaches, eating at the amazing restaurants, or shopping in local stores. She wants to guarantee that, “every small business owner is able to live out the American dream here on Long Island.”

Although she’s previously worked on campaigns, this is McCarty’s first time running for public office.

“I’m really shy, and I really enjoyed working in the background with politicians,” she said of her past experience.

However, this next chapter in her political career is extremely important to her. She’s expressed gratitude for the level of support she’s had since announcing her running, not only from those in local government, but from her neighbors, friends, and her close-knit family.

“It helps when the issues are on your side and that you’re running for the right reasons,” she added. “When my little girl is telling everybody that her mom is running for office, and she thinks that one day she could do it too—I can’t back out now.”

In her free time, when she isn’t working or campaigning, McCarty likes to be involved in the community. Whether that’s helping out the Girl Scouts, cleaning up the beach with her kids, playing on Port Washington’s ‘Momball’ Softball Team, or baking cakes for neighbors.

—Jeannie McDonald is a contributing writer for Anton Media Group

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