“Living in the Light” Free Event At Roslyn Trinity


On Wednesday, Aug. 10, internationally acclaimed yoga teacher Sarah Platt-Finger will be coming to Trinity Church in Roslyn to talk about her newly released book, Living in the Light, which she has co-authored with Dr. Deepak Chopra. The free event will be held on Aug. 10 at 7 p.m.
Come with a curious mind and an open heart to this session that delves into these ancient teachings through an expanded lens. The evening will begin with some gentle chair yoga and breathing exercises for centering, followed by a discussion with a Q+A.
Platt-Finger is the Director of Chopra Yoga at IIN, and the co-founder of ISHTA Yoga. Deepak Chopra has called her “an extraordinary teacher of yoga who has contributed enormously to my well-being.”
According to Platt-Finger, “When we understand the nature of our existence, we realize what it means to live in the light, which is to live in harmony with ourselves and each other,” the author said. “Understanding these codes gives us a map of how to navigate through the world with peace and integrity.”
Platt-Finger, will explore the codes of social and emotional intelligences known as the yamas and niyamas. Drawing insight from her book, she will discuss the intersection between these codes and the Ten Commandments from the Old Testament of the Bible. The light has been a metaphor for religious, philosophical, and mystical practices all over the world for millennia.
Much of the modern Western world knows yoga to be a physical practice that promotes strength, flexibility, and overall wellness, the author observed. Although these benefits are distinct by-products of the practice, the traditional science of yoga comprises much more than just the physical poses. It is a full spectrum of living that includes codes of social and emotional intelligences, postures, breath work, sense-withdrawal, and enhanced levels of awareness that lead to a state of union, known as samadhi, Platt-Finger added.
The workshop will be held in Trinity’s fireplace room. Trinity Episcopal Church is located at 1579 Northern Blvd.
—Submitted by Trinity Episcopal Church


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