Letter: Too Much Gun Violence


There is much too much gun violence in the USA; just witness countless recent tragedies, especially the one in Parkland, FL. There have been warning signs in most instances of these disasters that have been missed or brushed off. One can’t imagine the pain the parents are suffering.

In addition to new gun control measures which will help, one needs to respond better to the abundant advance signs presented by these violent executioners who don’t care about the value of life. There are many factors involved in this, i.e. breakdown of the traditional family, mental health, violent video games, streaming TV, ease of obtaining assault weapons, instant gratification from violence, value of life, rapid response on social media, etc.

We now live in an atmosphere of hardened hearts and a culture of death. But, I feel two other items are important and hardly ever mentioned:

1. There is very little mention of love in the community any more—‘Love thy neighbor’, and 2. TV advertisements—easily 50 percent of TV ads on any channel are very violent with weapons, man made disasters, planes, rockets, crashes, death and other weapons of war. These ads need to be curbed in a way that works with freedom of speech. Engaging in these video activities and going to these movies lead to lack of face-to-face communications, diminished dialogue at all levels, solitude, isolation, diminished family values and possible altered mental status. No wonder there’s so much violence. It is important that we contact our legislators in Albany and in Congress to move forward on this and perhaps find a way to get the ball rolling to stopping violence in all forms.

Representatives King and Suozzi are to be commended on this first step. And, it looks as if they are open to suggestions so let’s all write to them now! It’s good to see them trying to cooperate on this issue. Flood their offices with ideas before the March 24 town hall. Perhaps, Reps. King and Suozzi could hold several town halls for students and adults throughout their districts. This will initiate dialogue and lead to solutions. Maybe this type of community dialogue will spread throughout Long Island to the tristate area and to the nation. We need to respect others and work together. End the finger pointing.

—Lionel Mailloux, M.D.


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