Letter: Misguided Politicians Want Clemency For Gerard Terry


This letter is in response to the Great Neck Record article Disbarred Politician Observed Practicing Law.

It’s incredulous to read that Congressman Thomas Suozzi and Jon Kaiman, now Assistant Suffolk County Supervisor (did he move?), among other misguided politicians, wrote letters to the court asking for clemency for convicted felon Gerard Terry. The underlying temerity are statements attributed to these letter writers implying that Terry wasn’t “such a bad guy after all!” Imagine this perfidy. It defies an iota of reason! But wait a minute. After all, Terry committed some of these misdeeds for which he was sentenced to serve three years in prison, while under Jon Kaiman’s watch while he was TONH Supervisor. Any wonder why Mr. Kaiman would surreptitiously absolve himself with this “mea culpa” letter? Draw your own conclusion. As for Thomas Suozzi, being the politician he is, he must have felt that jumping on this letter writing wagon was the politically expedient thing to do.

What is absolutely incomprehensible how these men and the other letter writers, could in good conscience and without any remorse, plead for Terry’s clemency, and by extension associating themselves with a tax evader, illegal practitioner of law, perpetrator of fraud, in short, a convicted felon, portraying him as if he was a “saint!” Gentlemen, “have you no shame?”

True to form, it can be assumed that the readers will not be spared with the usual retort missive from Mr. Phil Krevitsky.

—Stanley Ronell

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