Letter: Middle Class Bait And Switch


So Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to tax the rich to pay for subway repairs for the poor, how nice. How many of those taxes we pay now designed for the rich do the middle class pay? All of them. Can’t we get an accounting of all the money collected in fees, taxes, cameras, tickets, tolls, fares and more?

New York State has the highest gas tax at 44 cent and diesel tax at 43 cent per gallon that was supposed to be used for roads. I’d like to see the collection on one bridge or tunnel for just an hour of rush-time traffic. Registration, license, inspection for everything that moves on land see or air and yet the state never has enough money. Now why is that?

Please stop taxing the rich to help the poor because the middle class can’t afford to pay anymore of the rich taxes.

—Patrick Nicolosi

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