Letter: An Assault Against Common Sense


The fact that the NRA, lawmakers and leaders of this country are allowing companies to display instructions for making plastic guns with 3D printers on the Internet is not only a disgrace, but a direct assault against common sense.

Guns such as these are not detectable at airport checkpoints, courthouses and important federal buildings. All the money schools are spending on security will be completely wasted because their security measures will be inadequate.

The law that allows this action should be retracted without delay before more people are killed or assassinated.

—George T. DeSpirito


  1. The 2nd amendment of the US Constitution permits citizens to own weapons. There is no requirement for these weapons to be purchased, and even today, many people legally make their own guns in their own homes – without 3D printing! At the same time, it has been illegal since 1988 to manufacture or craft a gun that cannot be detected by walk-through metal detectors (see the “Undetectable Firearms Act” for full details).

    Common sense says that we already have laws in place to protect us.

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