Learning Has No Age Limit


peirRoslyn resident, Marty Wienstein, 90, is among the many seniors of Hofstra University’s Personal Enrichment in Retirement Program (PEIR), who is proving college doesn’t have an age limit.

Wienstein, a retired lawyer of 40 years and professor from John Jay College for 15 years, joined PEIR to meet other seniors who also have a desire to never stop learning. As a member he lectures others in the program, and he attends lectures those members present.

After the passing of his wife 7 years ago, he felt distraught and lonely. “I thought my life was going to end,” he said.

When a friend introduced him to the program two months after his wife passed away he knew the program could help him. He explained, “I’ve learned if I want to keep living, I have to keep learning too, and the place to do that most effectively is in a college.” 

Giving lectures about the U.S. Constitution and his experiences as a lawyer and professor are some topics that Wienstein enjoys. In addition, he has widened his horizons by also presenting about poetry, something that he always had an interest in.


“I’ve learned to enjoy subjects that I’ve never had interests in before by just attending these lectures,” he said. “It is nice to escape the areas that I am most familiar with. That is what learning is all about.”

One of Wienstein favorite aspects of the program is meeting other members and participating in social events. He explained, “I meet people of all walks of life, and that is my favorite part. As long as I am living, I will continue to attend PEIR to learn and socialize.”

The PIER program is for retirees ages 55 and older.

To schedule a visit, call Bradley Kaye at 516-463-4824. The website is www.hofstra.edu/academics/ce/lifelonglearning/peir.















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