Kids Hold Court

The Christopher Morley Park’s tennis course is a registered Net Generation provider. Last week, their youngest students and players came on court and did a demonstration showing how easy it is to play tennis on shorter courts and with balls that bounce slower and lower and equipment sized right for kids. The demonstration occurred before the first match of the evening (Noah Rubin vs Kei Nishikori) at the NYCB Live, Home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

The 10 and Under Tennis Program at Christopher Morley Tennis focuses on developing athletes from a young age by providing them with the right equipment, lessons on the rules of the game and custom court sizes for children at different levels of development. That youthful approach to tennis was on full display last week at the NY Open at NYCB Live, home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, when before the first match of the evening, the youngest tennis players with the Christopher Morley program demonstrated the beneficial nature of youth tennis with shorter courts, balls that bounce lower and slower and equipment that is sized perfectly for kids.

By putting this format on display, the tennis program shows that children truly are athletes in training and that they can learn the basics of the game while having fun.

See below for more photos of the Christopher Morley Tennis kids demonstrating their on-the-court prowess.

Hitting a back hand
Taking a victory lap (Photos by Brian Coleman)

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