Keeping Track Of Old Roslyn

Van Nostrand Starkins Museum (Photos courtesy of the Roslyn Landmark Society)

Created way back in 1961, the Roslyn Landmark Society has led the charge of preserving the community’s original landscape and oldest structures so that future generations might experience a slice of the past.

The society’s stated mission is to preserve and promote the rich history and historical resources in the Village of Roslyn and the greater Roslyn area on Long Island’s North Shore—a region that still holds natural beauty despite ever-widening development.

With membership that keeps growing, the Roslyn Landmark Society offers educational programs for school children, operates the circa 1680 Van Nostrand-Starkins House, holds monthly membership meetings on a variety of topics and continues to purchase and restore historic buildings.

Tucked away in a valley on the North Shore, Roslyn is a nationally recognized landmark preservation success story. Thanks to the hardwork and dedication of countless members, volunteers and elected officials, the close to 400-year-old village is not only a showcase of historic American architecture, but also a vibrant community illustrating the economic benefits of good preservation policies.

Upon surveying the town today, it is difficult to realize that this was not always the case. In the mid-20th century, Roslyn found itself under attack from insensitive developers, planners and zoning boards. Due to the efforts of Roger and Peggy Gerry, however, in the 1960s the Board of Supervisors for the Town of North Hempstead designated Roslyn as a village worthy of preservation. In 1962, recognizing the need for a nonprofit to oversee local preservation efforts, the Gerry’s established the Roslyn Landmark Society. Today, the society is committed to the preservation of the village and the surrounding area.

Although the Roslyn Landmark Society has enjoyed many successes over the years, the greatest challenges always lie ahead. Witnessing increased developmental pressures, the society works diligently to preserve Roslyn’s historic architecture and maintain the wonderful qualities of life it offers its residents.


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