Kafri Organizes Cycling Event

Yariv Kafri
Yariv Kafri

Equinox of Roslyn recently hosted a successful Cycle For Survival, an all-day event designed to raise funds for people with rare forms of cancer. Now, Roslyn Heights resident Yariv Kafri is involved in a similar cycling event. The founder of Supportersize, Kafri, along with CYCLElogy, is hosting a cycling event for people living with cancer. The event takes place on Saturday, Feb. 28 at 10 a.m. at Equinox Woodbury. 

In addition to founding Supportersize, Kafri is a world-renowned athlete. He was a member of the Israeli National Volleyball team, competing in more than 30 Olympic and Ironman distance triathlons. Kafri is also an avid yogi, surfer, skier and soccer player. Currently, Kafri is training for the Transrockies, which includes 120 miles of climbing. He has long maintained that exercise and the outdoors are a big part of his own recovery. And so, Kafri started Supportersize to spread strength, hope and joy to others living with cancer, mainly through physical activities and outdoor events.

“There are already plenty of fantastic organizations doing a great job fundraising for cancer research. We focus on raising the spirits of cancer patients and their families,” said Kafri. “Exercise and the outdoors have been critical components in my battle with cancer and treatment recovery and I want to motivate others to get out there, get moving and be empowered.”
Kristen James designed CYCLEology indoor cycling. Shee said it enables participants to learn how to achieve maximum benefits through executing scientifically proven training principles and techniques.

“I look forward to teaching and participating in this inspirational event,” said James. “Supportersize is not only an organization that raises awareness for a disease that affects so many people, but also encourages cancer patients to be active and take initiative to battle both mentally and physically.”

The event is open and free to the public. Equinox Woodbury is at 7550 Jericho Turnpike, Woodbury. Donations are encouraged in order to keep Supportersize events free and a portion of each donation goes towards cancer research.

To register for the event or make a donation, visit www.supportersize.org.

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